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What Sets Us Apart? We’re the Best At What We Do

Since 2007, our goal has been to marry "born and raised" knowledge, with technology and savvy in a professional manner that is all too lacking in the property management field. All of us were born and raised in Newport Beach and wanted to impart our love for the community both by our brand identity as well as through our unique knowledge of the City's history, geography and real property. With a focus on delivering a high-quality professional advisory service that is normally not associated with residential real estate management, Balboa Realty offers experience, expertise and professionalism unmatched in the area. Our full-service boutique offers everything you would expect from a real estate office and much more. 

We have our own in-house marketing department with our own unique branding and can provide the same type of high-quality design and marketing as our larger competitors. We also have focused in on technology, staying current with any new trends. Our management team's approach is to treat each of our client's assets as our own, with a dedicated focus on the financial aspects as well as the emotional sides of each transaction. 


We aren’t Realtors disguised as Property Managers. The Principals of the Balboa Realty focus only on property management so you get our full focus rather than an afterthought. While we do sales as well, we let our dedicated team of Realtors focus on our Sales.

Balboa Realty provides expertise in multi-family apartment building analysis, property management & sales. Our goal is to educate our clients about the current investment property market and maximize client profits through the effective management of the asset. We understand the responsibility entrusted to us as a steward of our clients' assets and that a key measure of successful stewardship is profitability. Proper property management is a vital part in not only increasing the profitability of your investment, but its underlying value as well. Balboa Realty understands that the quality of management determines the difference between strong performance and mediocre performance. Effective rental property management has as much, if not more, potential to add value to the property as its construction, financing, or marketing. Balboa Realty's hands-on approach produces higher occupancy and lower expenses resulting in greater asset values for our clients.  

Whether you bought your property recently or have owned it for decades, Balboa Realty is a company that is trustworthy, accessible and efficient at managing your property. The goal of any income property is to generate cash flow. By regularly inspecting your building and supplying you with quality tenants, it is our goal to assure you a hassle free experience while you own your Investment Property.


We are not a mom and pop shop or a one man show. Our Balboa Realty team gives us the depth and resources to actually deliver what you are paying for. 


How many residential single family or small unit Property Owners have a CPM working for them? 


Partnerships with HD Supply, bulk purchasing power, and our very own in-house maintenance team, combine to help save you money.


Monthly statements, leases, maintenance requests, bills and invoices and other important documents are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


More than just craigslist & a sign. We provide the best market reach in Orange County and our internet syndication system fills vacancies fast.


We consider you our partner – we only make money if you do. We work with you and have a simple fee structure.


Our competitors can't match our qualifications.

What sets us Apart?

Balboa Realty set out to be at the forefront of our local Real Estate Market. We offer online rent payments, online monthly statements, and an online portal for all of our owners and residents. NO set up fees! NO Design Fees! NO Annual Fees! 


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